The fog organization consists of members from around the world who are interested in the hobby of Amateur Radio. Along with this many of our members are professionals in their fields and this encompasses Electronics, IT Management, Programming, and Physics to mention a few.

The original Idea was to develop a world-wide Amateur Radio IPV6 Mesh network. However, with added interests of very smart individuals, we have expanded our projects to include: Packet, D-Star, DMR, Fusion, All-star, and Echolink. Recently we have even added the new M17 Mode into our Digitally Transcoded network.

We all bind together as one to support our interest in the hobby, along with a mutual desire to live on the cutting edge. This cutting edge entails our interest to improve where we can the state of the state, the systems, techniques, programs, and equipment within the boundaries of our interest.

If you would like to share your talent and interest with us, please drop us an email at