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What is BPQ32?

BPQ32  software created and maintained by John Wiseman – G8BPQ.  Downloadable for free, for either Windows or Linux machines. Its a great program to have on your Raspberry Pi! It supports many facets of the packet family including internet access.

General information and configuration data may be found at:

https://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/index.html – BPQ Creators home page

https://www.prinmath.com/ham/talks/BPQ.pdf – PDF presentation

https://packet-radio.net/bpq32/ –  Interesting site with relevant information


Downloads Here:



●NET/ROM compatible Packet Switch
–Multiple ports
●As many serial ports as you have
–Multiple protocols
●Packet, Pactor, IP
–Multiple functions
●BBS, Chat, APRS

What can we use BPQ for?

●AX25 (Packet) Access point
●Bulletin Board System (BBS)
●Radio Message Server (RMS)
●APRS Internet Gateway
●Application Gateway


As of July 2021, the fog organization has over 250 worldwide stations using and enjoying this software.